The Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Saunas

The Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Saunas

When looking for a sauna for your home you have two options: indoor and outdoor saunas. There is no right or wrong choice; the decision boils down to what you prefer, and the space and infrastructure you have available at home.  

For perspective, indoor saunas are like the ones found at health and fitness clubs. An outdoor sauna would be something like the Enlighten Sierra sauna. Understanding how these two differ will help you make the right choice for your needs. 

Enlighten Sierra -4C Peak Full Spectrum Infrared Outdoor Sauna- 16379

Indoor Saunas

The main distinguishing factor between indoor and outdoor saunas is their location. Indoor saunas are typically built into your home’s infrastructure, but they can also be free-standing. Some common sites for these saunas are

  • Home gyms
  • Basements
  • Master bathrooms

Most people who are renovating their homes choose to go for an in-built sauna.

Benefits of Indoor Saunas

Indoor saunas are conveniently located in your home. So, you don’t have to go out in bad weather to reach it. They also allow you to make use of empty spaces in your home that wouldn’t otherwise be used.

An indoor sauna is easy to install. It doesn’t require a foundation, and water and electricity are readily available. They are also easy to maintain since there’s no exposure to the elements. 

If you go for a free-standing model, you have the additional bonus of being able to take it with you if you move.

Limitations of Indoor Saunas

You might want your time at the sauna to feel separate from your daily life. An indoor sauna doesn’t offer such an opportunity.

The kind of indoor sauna you choose will depend on the available space. You may want a five-person indoor sauna, but your space only allows a two-person one. 

Indoor saunas can only be placed in specific areas. So you might only have a handful of choices to put in the structure. 

Outdoor Saunas

Unlike indoor saunas, outdoor saunas are typically located in backyards. You can place it by the pool or lake. Since there is no space limitation, you can customize an outdoor sauna in various ways. 

You can choose between different designs, sizes, and building materials. Outdoor sauna models come in a wide range of shapes. 

There are barrel-shaped ones like the Canadian Timber Serenity Sauna by Dundalk Leisurecraft. You can also find raindrop and cabin-shaped saunas. 

You can merge your landscape design and outdoor sauna into a flowing concept. Doing so will transform your space into an oasis of tranquility. 

Dundalk LeisureCraft Canadian Timber Serenity Barrel Outdoor Sauna-CTC2245W

Benefits of Outdoor Saunas

There are a variety of designs to choose from for your outdoor sauna. And each of the choices is visually pleasing. Therefore they will blend in with your landscape creating a relaxing environment overall.

Unlike indoor saunas, you can place an outdoor sauna in nearly every part of your property. This is because it’s easy to ensure proper ventilation.

Limitations of Outdoor Saunas

Some disadvantages of outdoor saunas are

  • exposure to weather elements on your way to the sauna
  • difficult to install (you’ll need to do some electrical work)
  • requires more maintenance

Choosing a Sauna That Is Best for You

Indoor and outdoor saunas have many differences. Before making the final decision, consider these differences and the pros and cons of each type to make the correct choice. Doing so ensures you install a sauna you'll cherish for a long time.  

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